Valley Green House

2023 Plants

The cooler spring has been rough, but the plants are growing well.

We have plenty of petunias, moss roses, pansies (they like this cooler weather), cherry, roma, and beefsteak tomatoes.

Yellow flower


How to order

You can find an order form by clicking the button above, or at the school offices. You can email, or call the school at 208-829-5353.  You can pick up your plants during school days until 4:00 pm. (after 2:30 pm works best).  Please have all orders picked up no later than May 17th 4:00 pm. Email the address above if you need to arrange another time, I am flexible.  We will also be open so you can pick up your plants for Mother’s Day. Have a wonderful spring.  Thank you for your support.

Mother's Day Pick-up: May 13th from noon till 6:30 p